Loose Leaf Tea
all teas £2.30 per person


Our tea selection is updated regularly - below are just some of the teas we have served at the Crossing Point Cafe - download our menu for an up to date list of teas available

Apricot & Peach

Flavours and aromas of apricot and peach abound in this flavoured black tea from Sri Lanka. Very special.


English Royal Tea

An exquisite blend of black and green teas from Kenya, China, Sri Lanka and Assam. A fabulous alternative to Earl Grey. No oil of bergamot in this tea but a distinctive flavour is achieved by the addition of Jasmine green tea.


Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling

Grown at high altitude in the foothills of the Himalayas this 2nd Flush Darjeeling has a floral aroma and muscatel flavours.


Earl Grey

Named after a British Prime Minister in 1830’s. There are lots of myths surrounding this tea but it is now assumed that the tea was a gift. What gives this black tea its distinctive character is the addition of Oil of Bergamot. This particular Earl Grey is smooth and creamy with vanilla overtones.


Irish Breakfast

In Ireland they are known to like a strong cup. Malty and strong this blend and Kenya is full bodied, robust and malty.


Rose Congou

A fine China black tea which has been layered five times with rose petals. A beautifully refreshing cup of tea and reminiscent of Turkish Delight.


Lovers Leap

From one of the best tea gardens in Sri Lanka and grown at high altitude, this Champagne of teas is high quality, smooth and delicately flavoured.


Russian Caravan

A blend of India, China, Sri Lanka black teas. Reminiscent of the tea carried on camels via the Silk Road from China to Russia. The tea took on a subtle smoky flavour said to have filtered through to the tea from the many camp fires lit on the 18 month to a 2year journey.


Gunpowder Mint - Green

A soothing digestif. Gunpowder tea from Sri Lanka infused with peppermint oil. Perfect after a sumptuous meal.


Japan Sencha - Green

Steamed heat, rather than dried heat, is used to halt oxidation in this classic green tea. A softer process gives the tea characteristics of freshly mown grass. Very fresh tasting and full of anti oxidants and amino acids.


Jasmine Blossom - Green

A perfectly refreshing green tea. A full bodied green tea mixed with Jasmine blossoms. Exquisite!


Rooibos Earl Grey

Rooibos grows in South Africa and is naturally caffeine free. Oil of bergamot and cornflowers are blended with Rooibos to create a caffeine free alternative to a classic tea.


Camomile & Mint - Tisanes

Egyptian Camomile combined with Washington State peppermint with a pleasant fruity character with mint highlights.


Loose leaf teas courtesy of New Leaf Tea Tasters, Ambleside.

New Leaf Tea Tasters is a new, innovative tea retailer based in the beautiful English Lake District.

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